What is Fernweh Fox Tales?
 Courtney Sellers  Creator of Fernweh Fox Tales   Co-founder of Fernweh Fox   

Courtney Sellers

Creator of Fernweh Fox Tales

Co-founder of Fernweh Fox


2017 means a new beginning for a lot of people. Most find the kickoff of the calendar year a fresh start for their lives…or at least a second chance to refine some of the weaker areas. Maybe this one will include more sleep and healthier eating. Others choose to start exercising their bodies with gym memberships and their minds with Ted Talks and the decision to read a book a week. 

For Fernweh Fox, we have chosen to reflect and refine by looking back at who we are and what we do. It’s important to do this, not just for a clear marketing message to potential clients, but also for us. By looking back at what we have done and celebrating who we are as a young business, we can spark the ideas that will yield to new works and hopefully inspire a couple of timid experimenters to step up and take their own first steps. 

It will be very difficult for me to narrow in a focus for Fernweh Fox because we are involved in an array of different projects. Sometimes it’s creating a concept and script for a commercial; other times it’s designing a set of logos for a new start-up. Whatever the project may be, our team supports each other and challenges one another on our ideas.

 Left to right: John, Courtney, Tanya, Kinzy, Caitlynn

Left to right: John, Courtney, Tanya, Kinzy, Caitlynn

Fernweh Fox basically runs on coffee, Spotify, Domino’s pizza, mini dance parties, chalk breaks, and the ultimate focusing exercise of balancing things on your head.

Well, John’s really the only person who poses with random stuff on his head. 

But with these magic ingredients, we’re left to our natural creative instincts: writing, designing, sketching, and building. And the results are inspiring. One of a kind photography, films for non-profits, hand-crafted ceramics, commercials for businesses, chalk murals up to the ceiling, personalized logos, plans, ideas, vision. 

We are creators and designers. 

We are explorers and perfectionists.

We are a balanced workforce of strategic planning, expertise, and sheer will.

Fernweh Fox Tales are OUR stories. When we’re not crafting stories for businesses, start-ups, and couples, we are knee-deep in creating a narrative for our own lives.

This is our life. 

And these are our tales.